Do  engineers  guarantee their work, or provide a warranty?


Engineers provide a service.  Engineers do not provide a product - therefore, there is

NOproduct or manufactures warranty”.

We are Insured for:     General Liability, Workers Compensation and Professional Liability.

*Proof of Insurance is available upon request*

As engineers, we carry Professional Liability Insurance, which covers “errors and omissions”.  Therefore, we are insured for our “human” mistakes, but this does NOT guarantee that the structure is invincible.

Our Professional Liability Insurance is NOT a warranty

Engineering is a “science”.  We can calculate the “anticipated design loads” (as per the building codes) and the corresponding forces acting within the structure.  We make recommendations based upon the calculations using a “factor of safety” but even that does not guarantee the results.

Guarantees (written or implied) by licensed professionals are NOT insurable and are not a valid warranty.

A Medical Doctor can not “guarantee” that a patient will recover.  An Attorney can not “guarantee” the outcome of a jury trial. We work with the forces of nature - but we can not control the forces of nature.