Are engineers expensive?


Yes and No!

Yes - Engineering can seem expensive - If.... 

You are looking at ONLY the “costs for engineering” as if it “adds” to the project costs...

And... You are not considering the benefits.

No - if you consider the benefits, for example:

  1. 1.No if, you consider the cost of “call-backs”, such as, cracking walls & ceilings due to excessive deflections. 

  2. 2. No if, you consider the costs for extra materials and labor that may not be needed.

  3. 3.No if, you consider damages & liability, that result  from the under design of framing members & connections.

*Remember.... Construction - especially remodeling, can uncover many unknowns -

Engineers work with these unknowns and provide a workable & economical plan.

**Remember too .... the more you do the less it costs...